Clipping Path Unique one of the fewest companies who does cares more about their quality and care less about the price because, price automatically come with the quality, you son’t even have to ask for it. If you demand for money from someone providing poor quality service, what are you going to get ?, you know the answer. The concept is very simple, whether you agree with it or not, that’s the fact. We may call that an affordable price, which is lot more than the price we usually pay for a poor quality job. Client’s don’t mind to pay more for their quality job and never complains about it because, they They pay more money true, but they are happy about it.

We are not very cheap image editing provider in the market, our price is really little bit more than some other who are afraid to ask for a fare price because, they are not sure what they are doing. We charge all of our clients the same good reasonable price for the best possible service. Most of the time we don’t even fix our price with our clients, we do the job first, make the delivery and most of the time our client tell us to send an invoice with certain amount, and we do so. This way pays us a whole lot more with a lot of pleasure than we could ever ask for.

Quantity: 21-200
Very simple - $0.49
Simple - $0.99
Medium - $1.49
Compound - $2.99
Complex - $4.49
Super complex - $6.49
Quantity: 200+
Very simple - $0.35
Simple - $0.89
Medium - $1.29
Compound - $2.49
Complex - $3.99
Super complex - $5.99
Quantity: 1-20
Very simple - $0.79
Simple - $1.39
Medium - $1.99
Compound - $3.99
Complex - $5.49
Super complex - $7.49

Still we had to come up with an idea to make our clients to have an idea about the price we may charge for certain editing service, For simple manual clipping service; Our service charge starts with $0.39/ image, for clipping a simple image like a can of a soda or a wallet. it can go up to $7.99 for super complex clipping. For other categories you really have to ask for a quote with some sample of image, with a single sample image it’s hard to judge, that’s why we ask for more than one image.

Simple way to get a quote;

Go to the free trial option and send two images with all the simple and basic information we ask, we work on those sample completely free of charge, this way you can make sure of our high quality. In the mean time we can make a quote ready for you while working on those images. Or you may make us an offer, your offer range will give us a better understanding whether you are trying to be my client or not. This is not a bad way though, this is a easier way to begin to understand each other.

CPU provides service to their clients around the globe round the clock nonstop, if you are looking for a good quality image editing provider ( CPU ) is the one you are probably looking for, try us out, what do you have to loose, we can’t take your money without providing good service in your desire. If you order us, we will bill you after the satisfied delivery. I guarantee you will like my job.

Clipping Path Unique (CPU) will charge clients for additional services requested by, like retouching, all kind of shadows, reflections and others.

Check our Trial Offer

We will request our clients again to go to our free trial click here FREE TRIAL and get couple images done to find out our quality and the service we can provide to your satisfaction or not. Free trial is very essential for the new clients, once you got used to us, and you know all about us there is no more need for it. Without getting free trial done, you may lose lot of your valuable time sending images and not getting the quality service you are seeking for. we request you to try our free trial, and save your time and be hassle free.We don’t charge you a dime for this service, go ahead and try FREE TRIAL.