Photoshop clipping path service

Clipping path refers a closed vector shape or path. This is usually drawn using a pen tool (in Photoshop) in cutting out the image from its background. Clipping path is applicable to different kind of images with hard and soft edges. When doing a clipping path, everything that is inside the path will be included and everything that is outside such path will be omitted. The use of clipping paths is immense and highly utilized at least in the global photo industry.

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Such utilization had also increased dramatically throughout the years due to the high quality of clipped images. In fact, clipping path is considered as the best method not just in the photo industry, but in all image utilization-rich industries. This is more so because clipping path service has the capability of dropping out the background without sacrificing image quality.

A look into compound clipping path:

For all the industries that use clipping path, a compound clipping path is also utilized. Compound path is the result of combining multiple paths for various colors or items within a single image. Compound paths are most commonly used for the purposes of correcting colors and dropping out background.

Who needs the clipping path?

Today, many firms and individuals need clipping path as a service. This is more so for those who work directly and indirectly for such industries as photography, designing, advertising and printing. For instance, catalog firms are using hundreds to thousands of images on their offline and online catalogs. These firms are likely to require the need to remove image backgrounds of the product images before these can be put into a layout. Likewise, web development companies have the need of publishing photos on different websites thus clipping path as well as background drop out services are required.

Clipping Path Unique (CPU) provide such services for photo studios, private photographers, directory firms, advertising firms, graphic design firms, graphic artists, web development firms, printing presses and magazine publications among others.

Drawing and using clipping paths

CPU ensures quality clipping path that is why we are drawing paths manually. Our main application is Adobe Photoshop with its Pen tool. After drawing the path completely, our experts will apply clipping path. Through this, when the clipped image is placed on the layout, only the clipped image will be shown. Anything inside will be shown and those that are outside will be omitted. The best part is you can choose the background color that the client prefers. If the client prefers, we will deliver the clipped image in TIFF or PSD format with a separate transparent background if the client says so.

Guaranteeing 100% perfect clipping path

At CPU, all of our experts are well-trained not just in Photoshop, but also in Illustrator. They are also well-experienced in clipping path and image masking. Our designers completed their basic and advanced courses from Graphic Arts Institute which is the sole government academic institution in Bangladesh. The Institute teaches graphic design and also printing technology.

We guarantee quality clipping path services because CPU does not employ newbie designers who are inexperienced or who lack training. CPU has its own training facility where interested people can be trained. We only deploy our trainees if we are sure that he or she is 100% qualified to perform professional clipping path services.

Our experts, nevertheless, have their own specializations wherein the clipping path service masters are not designated on other services like image editing or retouching. In this way, we can assure our clients that only the expert on such field will touch their photos. They are highly qualified in doing what they love to do.

CPU is also equipped with triple check quality control system. Basically, CPU has team leaders who monitor the works of our clipping path experts. Upon completion of the project, our in-house quality controllers will check the images individually. A final check will be conducted before the images will be uploaded to the platform.

Our team of clipping path experts usually works with high volumes of images on a regular basis, perfecting each tool’s use and all techniques applied. Impress your target audience or market with high quality images. Ask us how.