Photo Shading Tutorial

There are a range of variety of shading we can apply in Photoshop like Reflection Shadow, Drop Shadow, Unique graphic Shadow etc.

In the following, I’m going to make you clear that how to make Shadow into Photoshop.

  1. At first, you have to open images into Photoshop which picture you want to use for your “photo shading tutorial” reason (go to the “file” menu & click “open” from the dialogue box and select the picture which you wish to apply.
  2. Then you need to sketch path over the photo in order to eradicate backdrop. View the “Clipping Path Tutorial” if you wish for assisting to path.
  3. When you’ve completed outlining the picture, right press & select “Make Selection” to pick the path selection. Then go to the Edit menu=“Copy=Paste” or just press Ctrl on Window, Cmd on Mac+”J” & you’ll get a fresh layer in the picture indoors of the selection.
  4. Now press on the “make a layer” positioned on the layer palette & you’ll be place a fresh layer which you need to fill up by your selected color. Then fill up it by your chosen color & receive it under of the “Layer 1”.
  5. Press two times on the “Layer 1” to carry the “Layer Style” tool box. Then click on the “Drop Shadow” which is located on the left perception & come to a decision the chosen Distance, Spread, capacity & Size of the shadow. You have to make sure that, the “Preview” tool box is experienced, thus which you can obtain live view on how the shadow is going away to look like.
  6. Before you are pleased, click “Ok” in arrange to exploit that way on the layer. Monitor that, you’ll be able to come turnaround to this layer mode at any moment you wish for in covering you want to modify the shading image by just pressing two times into the similar layer. We expect that, the above tutorial will assist you to learn on how to make drop shadow.