Make payment

Clipping Path Unique (CPU) always has the clients in mind that is why it is creating convenient processes at the clients’ disposal. We understand that our clients put a premium not just on the quality of our services, but also of the convenience that we provide regardless of which of the service(s) is/are acquired. We strive to make our processes easy including making payment. Through this, we can let our clients a hassle-free experience when doing business with us.

Need to Know

When making a payment, you simply need to fill out the form with such information as business whereabouts including contact details. You can make payment once you receive an email notification which lets you know that the job is completed. The email notification contains all the necessary instruction on how you can make payment properly. The amount due must be paid within 30 working days from the date of receiving the email notification. After making the payment, you may now download the edited images from the website.

Payment Processors

CPU offers as many payment processors as possible, so that they will have wide choices to choose from. However, CPU is not offering, inviting or encouraging our current clients to make advance payment in acquiring our image editing and manipulation services.

Managing Transactions

A client may pay through PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Account. You need to contact our customer care officer if you wish to make a payment now.

Please contact us at for more information. We welcome inquiries gladly!

We encourage our customers to use PayPal in making a payment. There is a PayPal link underneath every invoice we issue to our clients that you may use.