Image masking tutorial

There are different ways of photo masking by using Photoshop. Let’s give some details to you.

Simple Image Masking

  1. At first, you’ve to open photos on Photoshop which you want to exercise for your photo masking tutorial cause (go to the “file” menu & press “open” from the dialogue box and select a image which you want to apply).
  2. Then, select the (W) “Magic Wand Tool” from tool box (if you don’t find the tool box, then go to the “window” menu and select “Tools”). Then click onto the background which you wish to remove & then it’ll be selected all white fundamentals on its choice.
  3. After that process, you have to unlock the layer palette. Create a copy of layer of the photo. This means that this is saved on backdrop & we will now perform on a copied layer. Now hide the backdrop by clicking off its icon and Select the “Copy Background” layer and click the “erase” key. And now the image you have got is without background.
  4. Then take a new layer by clicking on the Crate a fresh layer to the layer palette & put the color you want to use as the backdrop. Complex Image Masking
  5. At first, you’ve to open the image you want to use for tutorial. Create an extra layer of the photo. This means that this is saved on background & we’ll now perform on a copied layer. Then hide the backdrop by clicking off its icon.
  6. Then chose > Color selection to the Menu. When Color selection tool box opens, choose the “Eye Dropper tool” & click onto the background color in the image window. You are now watching the selected color twist into the tool box.
  7. Now you can view that, the background color has been selected by itself all over the photo. Press the “erase” key but you’ve to make sure that the “Copy Background” layer is selected; in case we will do everything on the single layer.
  8. Then you have to open the photo background which you want to put behind this images, select all (ctrl/cmd+A), then copy (ctrl/cmd+C). Move the pointer to the image in which you are working & press (ctrl/cmd+V) to paste. You have to make sure that, the new backdrop picture layer is under the masked layer.
Now you can see the picture is all along with various backgrounds. Another method could be helpful to obtain the most wonderful consequence for example, poignant up an amount of pieces of the backdrop through eraser tool.
There is stationary a number of other superb complex images where diverse method of image masking must be sensible. On the other hand, if you execute consequently; don’t disregard to let us to complete your image masking because we have many professionals to do that appropriately.