About Us

Clipping Path Unique is one of the largest images editing company based in Bangladesh; we have been satisfying over 500 clients around the globe with high quality service and dedication. Our well trained dedicated teams of designers are working very hard to make sure that our clients are satisfied so, they will be able to continue their highly paid job and have the owner happy. Whose goal is to have a bunch of happy clients who will stay with us as long as our business exists? We are trying to base our business on quality clients only, where we can benefit two things, one we can get well paid and provide better service with a great deal of satisfaction. We are care less about non quality clients, in the beginning it’s hard to detect whether the client is asking for non-quality service or looking for a cheap provider. Some editing providers are also looking for cheap companies who careless about the quality because they don’t know much about quality and can’t even perform that. With our long experience in this field now these days it doesn’t take much time to detect them.


We do like to work with those clients those who are very demanding about quality, they want very high quality and it’s hard to satisfy them, they know their stuff and they know exactly what they want. We work with them with pleasure, we learn a lot from them and get paid well and frequently they refer us to other companies to help us, due to their own satisfaction. Isn’t it nice? learn quality from our clients and get paid well.


Some of our clients are so nice, when they appreciate our good work, we feel like a million dollar, we get big smile in our face, sometimes they even draw picture of a smile, sometime we cry for sorrow, we don’t literally, we feel bad, only when we do a good job and not get paid, which is very few in number. Over the years we have gathered so much experience, now we can differ well from bad.

Clipping Path Unique are working so hard with all the efforts we can to earn good names, which is very hard though, but we have achieved a lot and we still have lot to learn and long way to go to go to satisfy a lot of people. Some of the people are skillful that makes us feel dull, again like I mentioned earlier, we do learn a lot from them. We usually don’t ask for the money before we deliver the finished product, we usually wait until they have received their product with full satisfaction. There are very few people who don’t pay, which doesn’t heart much, because we get alert after 1st nonpayment and don’t do anymore work without getting the payment first.

Clipping Path Unique is one of the rare companies, who care too much about their client’s satisfaction. Always, I mean we are always very prompt with email communication. We love this job, we just love it.


We are sitting in our home country and talking to the people all over the world, black, white, brown and with so many other variations of people with different culture and norms, we understand their thoughts and they do ours and that’s not all, the most exciting thing is we are earning foreign money and making a good living on that, isn’t that nice? Who would dare not to care, isn’t this call fun or what? Only bad thing about it is that we have to provide service for 24 hours, stay up all night, and that’s not even problem anymore, we all got used to it, now we love it. Stay up all night and sleep all day.